Rotary Flask Shaker(Orbital Shaker) Manufacturer in India


Rotary Flask Shaker(Orbital Shaker) Manufacturer in India

We Are The Leading Rotary Shaker Or Incubator Shaker MANUFACTURER IN Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.


We are a well-known brand in India and International for manufacturing Processing Equipment and Machinery with number of reputed clients around the globe. Our Company has a distinguished record of success for providing leading technology and cost effective solutions to their clients

Rotary Flask Shaker(Orbital Shaker) Manufacturer in India

We( Uma Pharma tech Machinery) Have Inhouse Production Facilities  For MANUFACTURING Of Heavy Duty Machinery like incubator shaker, orbital shaker, rotary flask shaker

This below image is rotary shaker working model
orbital shaker uma pharmatech machinery
This above image is rotary shaker diagram

Rotary Flask Shaker(Orbital Shaker) Manufacturer in India

THE Main principle Of rotary shakers To Shake Liquid Continuously
We(UMA PHARMA TECH MACHINERY) are Giving  Reasonable and Affordable price rotary shaker As Per Customer Requirement Size and Flask Holding Capaciy.
The MAIN application Of rotary shaker use in laboratory, bio fertilizer unit, for soil , pharmaceutical industries, biotech company, research institute, etc.....

incubator shaker

This above image is rotary INCUBATOR shaker working model
We Have Standard Model For rotary shaker with all description of model size and capacity

Rotary Flask Shaker(Orbital Shaker) Manufacturer in India

Uma Pharmatech Machinerys Rotary Shaker  is ideal  for  shaking  solution  in Erlen  Meyer  Flasks .The unit  with latest design compact and  Table Top. The shaker  is  designed  with a  new  concept  of  single or a set  of  Eccentric shaft  which  eliminates the tension. Thus the strokes available are smooth &perfect. The top Board assembly consists of S.S. Tray & Metal clamps OR Rubber disc type clamps (Optional) to hold conical flasks. Rotary Shacking Machine is Useful For Uniform Mixing by Circular motion


Uma Pharmatech Machinery WORKS Rotary shaker are available in various  size and  capacity for various  application and use in Microbiological, Virology Lab., R & D, Q,C, Bacteriological  pathological& pharmaceutical  Work.


·         Table top Mode/Floor   Model.
·         Sturdy Construction
·         Efficient Shaking 
·         Working on Single/ Set of Eccentric
·         Smooth & Perfect throw.
·         variable frequency Drive
·         Eliminating spring (spring less design)
·         Counter Balance Drive # Variable Speed Control
·          Electronic Digital RPM indicator
·         Smooth and  jerk less  shaking  system.
·         Shock absorbents  PAD to  withstand  vibration. 


·         FIXED Eccentricity: 15/20 mm
·         Throw: 30/40mm Circular.
·         Motor: BRUSHLESS INDUCTION MOTOR./ PMDC Gear Motor
·         RPM: Continuous variable max. Up to 144(Optional 198 RPM)

·         Throw: 25/30mm Circular.
·         Motor: Brushless Induction Gear Motor
·         Top Flask Mounting Plate Made Of SS 304 Material
·         Base Structure Made Of Mild Steel Material Painted With Red Oxide
·         Outer Cover Made Of Powder Coated Mild Steel Material
·         PID Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator
·         Digital Timer
·         Pt-100 Temperature Sensor For Accurate Temperature Measurement
·         Blower For Uniform Temperature Distribution



·         Construction              :Double Wall
·         Interior                        :S.S-304/S.S-316
·         Exterior                       :Powder Coated Mild Steel Material
·         Thermal Insulation     :PUF Insulation
·         Insulation Thickness :60mm
·         Temperature  Range  :0˚C to 80˚C
·         Heating Source          :U-Shaped S.S Tubular Heaters
·         Refrigeration              :Through Emersion Compressor
·         Refrigent                     :R-134a Eco Friendly Refrigerant
·         Feet On                       :Caster Wheels (For Easy Moving)
·         Interior                        :Powder Coated Mild Steel Material
·         Observation               : Inner Transparent Acrylic Door

We have an established quality system for manufacturing various equipment likewise:




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